Slides That Rock

WTF? Design companies don't do templates. Really? If we are serious about our mission to get rid of crappy slides, we have to do something dramatically different as there is still an enormous amount of presentations that SUCK! Since many people cannot afford our services or want a DIY version that rocks, we decided to create templates. 

So who are we? Slides That Rock is a boutique design studio serving awesome clients around the world. We believe in FOCUS and we do one thing only – Slide Design to help people tell their stories! We hate crappy slides and we are on a mission to help the world make slides that rock.

So what do you get? One file! It includes different slide layouts. All designs are based on the design principles outlined in our eBook "Don't Suck! How to Make Presentations Rock!", which you can get on iTunes or NOW AS PDF. The layout is simple and clean. You will see less text, poster font and space for more images. The file has divider slides to help you apply a structure based on the "Rule of 3". All templates have been created within Keynote or PowerPoint. This means you can edit the files without having to use Photoshop or any other advanced software.

But there is more... We have NO licence requirements. That means you can share your file with other people. "Are we crazy to do that?" - Maybe but people share anyway so we have decided to embrace reality and instead spread some love. We believe enough good people will pay.

Do you have a story to tell? Time to download that template and share your story...

If you want to know more about how we change the world, you can find us on or email